"[The simulation…] was a phenomenal addition to the content presented in the course. It reinforces the skills and shows real world application."


"Really improved my understanding of at speed and how/when to use shortcuts to expedite the process."


"Nothing beats actually using a process for learning.  This focused training reinforces the concepts making the lesson more real world and less concept."


"I thought this was a great session and certainly good in enhancing my KT Resolve processes and skills.  I liked the on-site training and the visual tools, which kept the training real and something you could see and relate too."


"Really liked the workshop and think it really helps people understand how KT theory can be applied quickly identify and resolve issues under pressure of tight deadlines."


"I thought the scenarios did enforce the process model of Kepner-Tregoe and were effective problems to troubleshoot. This will be a helpful addition to the class to re-inforce what is being taught. All in all, I really enjoyed the class and I am thankful for the opportunity."


"The artificial timelines forces you to start thinking quicker and you begin to understand where the appropriate shortcuts need to occur."


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