Workshop Overview

Risk mitigation is often considered only after a costly and time-consuming incident disrupts operations or damages your company’s reputation. Performing a risk assessment before problems occur proactively handles potential problems and make sure precious resources stay focused on progress vs. remediation. This one-day hands-on workshop will provide you with real-world practice in our simulation-based scenarios that prepare you to manage risk.  Minimum time will be spent on a risk mitigation theory with maximum time practicing in our risk scenario simulator. In the simulator, you will measure the quality of your risk mitigation plan against various likely scenarios and learn how to effectively protect your plan. You will also practice your skills in a "risk challenge" that requires you to rapidly apply the concepts to your own real-life scenarios.

Audience: Personnel involved in shutdowns, turnarounds, and outages (STOs), changeovers, and roles such as Reliability and Maintenance Engineers and Project team members



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