The Performance System

Assess critical elements of human performance and remove barriers to use of KT processes when coaching or facilitating.


  • Understand where there are disconnects between expectations and outcomes
  • Focus on relevant factors to improve KT process use
  • Understand the role of coaching in improving or maintaining KT process use

The KT Facilitation Process

A systematic approach to guiding others in the use of KT processes.

  • Reach Agreement: Clarify the need for facilitation and ensure appropriate help can be provided. Establish roles, objectives and constraints for the facilitation. Plan and communicate logistics.
  • Provide Help: Provide sound meeting management guidance for the facilitation with respect to participation, dealing with conflict, finding consensus, and intervening when needed. Utilize deep KT process knowledge to ensure objective outcomes. Develop action plans that include who will do what, and by when.
  • Follow up: Monitor progress on action plans. Help to document and communicate results. Formally close out and evaluate each facilitation. 

The KT Coaching Process

A systematic process for effectively helping people use KT processes on a day-to-day basis.

  • Focus on the whole Performance System, not just the performer
  • Aim for improvement, not perfection
  • Consider the Performer’s preferred communication style
  • Involve the Performer
  • Use a collaborative, not a controlling approach
  • Accentuate the positive
  • Build trust as the foundation of a good coaching relationship
  • Exhibit four traits: consistency, caring, commitment, and capability
  • Capitalize on coachable moments

Systematic Instruction

A systematic approach to transferring skill during coaching or facilitation or for ­presentations involving the use of KT processes.

  • Clearly define what the concept is that you want to convey
  • Explain why the concept is relevant
  • Overview the methodology or how to complete it
  • Provide a relevant example of the concept in action
  • Ask questions to test for understanding
  • Build relevance through discussion, and transition to the next concept

Additional topics:

  • Elements and application of clear communication in facilitation and coaching
  • Effective listening in facilitation and coaching
  • Special techniques for facilitation and coaching of KT processes

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