Workshop Overview

Our Intro to Problem Solving & Decision Making (PSDM) eLearning course is designed to provide a basic familiarity with the concepts of KT PSDM. This is an ideal option if you’re looking to learn the fundamental framework of PSDM before moving through the full KT curriculum as your career progresses. And as an eLearning course accessible from the comfort of your office or home, you have additional flexibility in scheduling and completing the course.

Audience: Ideal for employees looking for basic exposure to KT processes. Suitable for all levels required to troubleshoot, perform root cause analysis (RCA), make decisions and implement plans. Particularly well suited for engineering, quality, operations, manufacturing, IT & customer service, maintenance, marketing & sales.

Key Benefits

Learn the framework of KT’s flagship Problem Solving & Decision Making using high-impact courseware and a powerful learning management system.

Offers greater efficiency and flexibility to learn the essentials of PSDM from wherever you are, without the need for travel.

Track and measure your team’s progress as they manage the self-guided curriculum. 

Skills Developed

KT has developed a comprehensive approach to eLearning. We utilize high-impact courseware and a powerful learning management system to configure content, schedule and manage a wide variety of activities related to the learning and use of KT processes, distribute content rapidly and widely, and track and report on many key metrics.

While eLearning is not a direct one-to-one substitute for instructor-led training, it can be integrated within the organization to enhance employees’ skill development. This includes:

  • Developing increased awareness of KT’s core processes.
  • Establishing a basic understanding for how KT process may be applied.
  • Refreshing skills previously learned.
  • Providing an extended approach to pre-work in advance of training or other activities.

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Return on Investment

While instructor-led training (ILT) has been a primary strategy for developing capability, our eLearning training provides a supportive and flexible solution. Learners can delve into the basic frameworks of problem solving and decision-making without the need for incurring travel costs or time away from the job. And for those looking to deepen their PSDM expertise, this eLearning course provides the necessary starting point to continue skills development. 

Workshop Details

Duration: 8 hours from start to finish with no interruptions. Can work at your own pace.

Training Options: Available as an eLearning course


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