KT Portfolio Manager Software

This web-based tool streamlines entry of project information, provides intuitive dashboard views of projects, and enables you to see the entire portfolio at a glance so you can quickly respond to issues. The software guides users using a systematic approach to projects.

Project Initiation

Ensure that summary level project information is captured and the project can be incorporated in the portfolio.

  • Complete an appraisal to document the purpose of the project, and the expected return to the company
  • Capture project participant information to help with communication and resource assignments
  • Set criteria and measures for how the project will be assessed within the overall portfolio

Project Vision

Record project objectives, assumptions and constraints, and get management sign-off.

  • Clarify expectations about the desired end result, budget, and completion date
  • Set up the list of criteria that will be used to guide the project and measure its success
  • Capture assumptions and regularly assess their status
  • Define specific restraints to be considered, and get agreement on what is out-of-scope

Project Planning

Document the work and resources needed to complete the project, and any risks that need
to be considered.

  • Clarify tasks to be included in the project and recommend how to organize them efficiently
  • Identify the knowledge, skills, physical and monetary resources needed for the project
  • Estimate soft and hard costs and examine how those will be incurred over the project
  • Sequence and schedule tasks to establish a clear project calendar
  • Record a full risk assessment and establish plans to deal with known risks

Project Communication

Understand expectations for involvement and communications.

  • Utilize questioning and listening strategies to get the best ideas and complete information
  • Examine what is required to provide needed outputs and proactively work for optimal results
  • Give and receive feedback about project work in a fair, balanced way

The Performance System

Assess five components that directly impact human performance. 

  • Avoid blaming people for poor project performance, when often other things are the cause
  • Track relevant performance metrics, then determine where changes are needed

Project Implementation

You’ve planned the work, now work the plan.

  • Get the project going quickly, and assess progress against the plan
  • Determine appropriate actions if issues come up and manage scope changes
  • Analyze project results and contribute to recording lessons learned

Additional topics

  • Using the software with executives and teams
  • Using Cost Performance Index (CPI) and Schedule Performance Index (SPI) tools
  • The instructor will coach you and your team through initial input of your portfolio of projects

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