PL candidates meet as a group with the LDI leader to kick-off the LDI.

  • Complete introductions, discussions about expectations, and a review of workload
  • Review schedule, establish ground rules, assign initial evening work

Content Demonstrations

The LDI leader demonstrates segments of the workshop.

  • Provide a best-practice example for PL candidates to follow
  • Ensure that everyone in the LDI has a firm conceptual baseline to work from 
  • Form the basis for detailed discussions about instruction and concepts
  • Provide PL candidates with the opportunity to develop content for their teaching examples

Systematic Learning

All KT workshops are delivered using a structured approach to instruction.

  • Ensure concepts are clearly and uniformly presented
  • Practice this process during the LDI by delivering short segments of the actual workshop
  • KT instructor materials use this process as the basis for all delivery of workshop material 

Practice Teaching

The PL candidate delivers all critical segments at least once during the LDI.

  • Practice in front of the LDI leaders and other PL candidates
  • Receive detailed feedback on your concept knowledge, use of systematic learning, presentation skills, and provide feedback to others

Conceptual Depth

PL candidates are provided with detailed documentation about each KT process.

  • Explain concepts in detail – both ‘live’ and as evening work 
  • Learn from the LDI leaders and other PL candidates in daily review sessions

Coaching and Critiquing

PL candidates learn and apply to provide effective coaching and feedback.

  • Learn to assess KT process work and identify key areas of difficulty
  • Consider the type of coaching or feedback needed to improve process use
  • Practice these techniques in live scenarios

Performance Tracking

PL candidates and LDI leaders continuously assess progress. 

  • Complete formal reviews mid-way through and at the end of the LDI
  • Ensure that expectations are being met, and corrections can be made as needed

Planning for Success

The LDI leaders and PL candidates plan next steps to ensure a successful checkout and ongoing effectiveness.

  • Review roadmaps and other support tools for PL candidates to complete the certification process
  • Create a plan for your checkout teach

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