Sometimes, you just need content that’s delivered instantly to your computer, tablet or phone. We understand! Kepner-Tregoe’s world-class problem-solving training is available as engaging, self-paced courses for learners on any device from anywhere in the world. With concept overviews, case practice, and knowledge assessments, KT eLearning content is perfect for introducing KT to your teams, deepening their learning after training, or as a refresher for anyone who has taken KT training in the past.

Intro to Problem Solving

Brand new to Kepner-Tregoe processes? The five courses in Intro to Problem Solving are a great place to start. These courses can't replace full workshop training, but you will learn about the skills that expert troubleshooters are using to solve their toughest problems. Work your way through the intro courses starting with Problem Solving Basics, a brand-new course in the KT catalog, then Situation Appraisal, Problem Analysis, Decision Analysis, and ending with Potential Problem Analysis.  


Deepen Your KT Skills

Our clients love KT classroom and LiveOnline training, but sometimes it's hard to utilize new skills back on the job and avoid falling into old routines. What if you could accelerate your ability to problem solve back at work when the pressure is on? With these 4 courses, you can review what was learned in the classroom, practice these skills on real-world case studies, and test your knowledge. Courses are available for KT Problem Analysis, Situation Appraisal, Decision Analysis, and Potential Problem Analysis. Contact us to add these courses onto your next workshop.


KT Refreshers

Has it been a while since your KT Training? Do you need to polish up your KT skills? In this 4-pack of courses, you will review the KT Problem Analysis, Situation Appraisal, Decision Analysis, and Potential Problem Analysis tools. For each course, review the concepts, complete a knowledge assessment, and practice using real-world case studies. Don't forget the skills that the world's best problem solvers have been using for over 60 years...Refresh them! Prerequisite - you learned these processes in a KT classroom or LiveOnline training in the past.


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