Understand the Role of Leaders in Decisions 

Whether leading a few people or many, a large ­organization or a small part of one, you need a repeatable way to make high-quality decisions.

  • Rapidly assess the quality of outcome needed
  • Consider prior decisions and future needs
  • Involve others in ways that will increase collaboration and commitment
  • Use the right amount of process based on time pressures and other factors

Clarify the Purpose of a Decision

Understand the choice to be made and how to measure success.

  • Create a simple-yet-complete description of the choice being made
  • Identify criteria that will be used to evaluate choices, including how to measure each one
  • Understand which of those criteria are mandatory and which are not
  • Determine how much influence each criteria has on the choice

Evaluate Alternatives

Assess how well various options meet the needs of the decision.

  • Use mandatory criteria to weed out poor options
  • Use non-mandatory criteria to see which options are best
  • Compare options in a fair, objective way
  • Use mathematical scoring approaches for complex or high-impact choices

Assess Risks

Consider what could threaten the success of the choice over time.

  • Consider what could go wrong, both now and in the future
  • Look at both the risk itself, and the impact it could cause
  • Assess how likely the risk is, and if it occurs, how much damage it will cause
  • Determine ways to avoid the risk if possible, and manage the impact if it does occur

Make the Decision

Looking at the full picture, make the choice.

  • Review all of the information about objectives, alternatives, and risks
  • Select the outcome that provides maximum benefit with minimum risks
  • Communicate the final choice

Additional topics

Covered if time and learner interest are available.

  • Identify ways to use KT’s decision-making process under time pressure
  • Determine the best approach when presenting decisions to others

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