KT Training & Workshops

Real World Training. Real World Results.

For over sixty years, Kepner-Tregoe has empowered companies to solve millions of problems. We have trained millions of people worldwide in nearly every industry.  KT methodology empowers individuals to show unprecedented improvements in productivity, increased efficiency, as well as greater customer satisfaction.

Our workshops are designed to be delivered to meet every organization’s needs and support continuous improvement once the training sessions are complete. Participants leave our workshops armed with premier support materials including cloud software to ensure they’re making an impact back on the job.  


"In utilizing Kepner-Tregoe training and coaching for our projects, we have a documented return on investment greater than 3000%. "
Joel Beezhold, Vice President Global Operations, Yanfeng Automotive Interiors

"When people ask me, what’s KT? I tell them it’s taking the complex, making it simple, applying logic & rational thinking, giving you peace of mind when you are in crisis. That’s KT! "
Mags Kelly, AD, International Customer Service Excellence, Allergan GCSP

Problem Solving

As you prepare your people and teams for the Future of Work, the Problem Solving & Decision Making (PSDM) workshops will empower them with a critical thinking framework and the necessary skills to succeed.

Our step-by-step process empowers your employees to successfully solve problems,  make informed decisions, analyze risks and opportunities, prioritize issues, and develop skills to transform your people into future leaders. 

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ITSM & Tech Support

Do your ITSM and Tech Support teams spend more time firefighting than delivering the world-class support your customers expect? Are recurring incidents, problems, and escalations hurting your reputation and bottom line? 

We can help you take control by empowering your organization with best-of-breed training and skill development programs. Our scalable, data-driven approaches measurably lower costs, improve IT stability and help you to improve customer service.  

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Achieve—and sustain—operational excellence. With Kepner-Tregoe’s Operational Improvement & Troubleshooting training, your team has access to a systematic approach to troubleshoot problems, eliminate waste and manage operational change.

Based on nearly 60 years of proven experience working with all types of organizations, Kepner-Tregoe’s Operational Improvement & Troubleshooting training is designed to equip you, and your team, with the capabilities and hands-on skills needed to sustain results. 

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Project Management

Every member of a project team contributes to the success—or shortfall—of a project. That’s why the Kepner-Tregoe Project Management Training Suite addresses the skills and responsibilities needed at every level of project involvement.

Why KT Project Management

  • We go beyond meeting certification requirements—we focus on producing project results.
  • Our workshops incorporate practical application, so you can immediately put your Project Management skills to use.
  • KT’s Project Management approach can scale across a wide range of project roles and complexities.

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Leadership Development

Leaders within an organization are the go-to resource when it comes to making decisions, solving problems and developing the best strategy to move forward. That’s why it’s essential to establish a systematic approach to evaluate data, assess strategic options, set priorities and make decisions to best guide your teams in their day-to-day execution. With Kepner-Tregoe’s Leadership Development training, your leaders, whether emerging or well established, will hone their clear thinking skills—and learn how to systematically apply these skills in all types of situations. 

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