STO Definition

Ensure that the background, goals, scope, and resources of the STO are clearly understood and that stakeholders agree to proceed.

  • Gather relevant background information and understand threats/opportunities that exist
  • Lay out the charter and initial scope of the STO, and get stakeholder approval
  • Define roles within the STO effort and plan both involvement and communications
  • Document the desired end result, budget, and completion date in a clear project statement
  • Identify criteria to guide decisions throughout the STO and measure its success
  • Organize STO work into a clear work breakdown structure and confirm the scope with stakeholders
  • Assess online and execution work to efficiently manage the schedule
  • Identify the knowledge, skills, physical, and monetary resources needed to complete the work
  • Compare costs and benefits to help determine whether the STO is viable

STO Planning

Create a clear schedule and risk management plan to guide the STO to success.

  • Clarify work assignments and responsibilities, including contractors
  • Sequence STO tasks to ensure all of the work is done in a logical order, as well as look at the ‘critical path’ tasks
  • Lay out the STO on a calendar and account for any time when resources are not available
  • Finalize all resource commitments and communicate key milestone dates
  • Perform a comprehensive risk assessment on the plan, then design-in ways to manage the risks
  • Create metrics and measurements to help track and communicate STO progress
  • Ensure final stakeholder buy-in of the finalized plan

STO Implementation

Ramp down, complete work, restart; with appropriate monitoring and communication.

  • Ensure pre-shutdown preparations are complete and resources are in place for implementation
  • Mobilize and manage contractors
  • Ramp down the process undergoing the STO and formally begin execution work
  • Track and communicate progress around time, cost and performance against the plan
  • Assess issues as they arise and work with project resources and stakeholders to determine appropriate actions
  • Restart the process undergoing the STO and ensure it is performing as expected
  • Analyze project results and capture lessons learned
  • Demobilize and release resources that contributed to the STO

Additional topics

  • Questioning, meeting, involvement and conflict management
  • Situation Appraisal: KT’s process for assessing complex situations and setting priority for action
  • Estimating and budget management techniques
  • Schedule development and management techniques, including resource leveling and EVA
  • The Performance System: KT’s process for improving and maintaining human performance

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