Project Definition

Ensure that the goals, scope, and resources of the project are clearly understood and that stakeholders agree to proceed.

  • Lay out the desired end result, budget, and completion date in a simple, clear project statement
  • Identify criteria that will be used to guide decisions throughout the project and measure its success
  • Map the work of the project and organize it into a clear work breakdown structure
  • Identify the knowledge, skills, physical, and monetary resources needed to complete the work
  • Compare costs and benefits to help determine whether the project is viable

Project Planning

Create a clear schedule and risk management plan to guide the project to success.

  • Clarify work assignments and responsibilities
  • Sequence project tasks to ensure all of the work is done in a logical order, as well as look at the ‘critical path’ tasks
  • Lay out the project on a calendar and account for any time when resources are not available
  • Finalize all resource commitments and communicate key milestone dates
  • Perform a risk assessment on the plan, then design-in ways to manage the risks
  • Ensure final stakeholder buy-in of the finalized plan

People in Projects

Manage involvement and expectations with stakeholders, project participants, and others. 

  • Utilize questioning and listening strategies to get the best ideas and complete information
  • Examine how well project resources are providing needed outputs and proactively manage project work for optimal results
  • Provide fair, objective feedback to people working on the project
  • Project Implementation: you’ve planned the work, now work the plan.
  • Ensure resources are in place and ready to start
  • Track progress against the plan using milestones and status updates
  • Assess issues as they arise and work with project resources and stakeholders to determine appropriate actions
  • Analyze project results and capture lessons learned

Additional topics

Covered if time and learner interest are available.

  • Criteria for selection of project managers
  • Techniques for creating useful time and cost estimates
  • Scheduling techniques to minimize project length and maximize outputs
  • Making the best use of Microsoft Project

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