Blended Problem Solving & Decision Making

This workshop offers a unique and exciting, new approach to attending a Kepner-Tregoe Problem Solving & Decision Making workshop. Kepner-Tregoe now blends the power of live classroom instruction and application with the benefits of e-learning, resulting in a three-phase learning experience designed to build deep skills and support sustained application of rational problem solving and decision making skills.

Phase I – Preparation: You begin by completing a series of on-line learning modules at your own pace over three weeks. Each module focuses on a specific aspect of our systematic thinking model, and includes assessments, self-tests, practice cases and short assignments. You have access to a qualified instructor on-line who reviews your progress, provides feedback on your progress, and is available to answer your questions.

Phase II – Live: You attend an intensive two-day work session to reinforce what you learned on-line. You will have the opportunity to work on realistic practice scenarios and to apply your new skills to actual problems and decision.

Phase III – Application: During the four weeks following the live work session, you continue to apply the concepts at your own pace. To confirm your understanding and ability to apply your new skills, you capture three examples of your work in electronic worksheets and submit them to the KT instructor for review and feedback. You also have continued access to the learning modules and support tools including a library of examples, job-aids, and threaded discussions. And you can contact your instructor on-line whenever you need assistance!

Your will receive on-line access to modules, support tools, and e-mail coaching and feedback services.

This program is recommended for the same audience as our standard Problem Solving & Decision Making workshop. It provides an excellent opportunity to assess the benefits of blended learning for your organization. To complete the on-line portions of this course, learners will need access to a computer and Internet access and a web browser.

In additional to the benefits described for our standard Problem Solving & Decision Making workshop, Blended Problem Solving & Decision Making offers:

  • Reduced classroom time (two-days vs. three-days)
  • Greater participant control of the learning experience
  • Sustained coaching and feedback before, during, and after the classroom portion
  • Identification of specific, work-related issues for classroom application of the concepts
  • Ongoing access to on-line tools and support
  • The ability to track and support individual learner needs

Read about how Honda Motor Company used Blended PSDM to Improve Quality.

Contact us to explore how this solution is a fit for you, your team, your organization.

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ITSM & Tech Support

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Operational Improvement & Troubleshooting Products

          A Measurable Impact on Operations 

Kuala Lumpur, MY
15.Nov - 26.Nov 2021
Cookham, Berkshire, GB
28.Feb - 11.Mar 2022


Deepening expertise and sharing knowledge with an organization starts with establishing the right team to lead and facilitate this training. For nearly 60 years, our Train-the-Trainer programs, offered through our Leadership Development Institute (LDI), have been preparing Program Leaders within organizations with a blend of in-depth concept knowledge and instructor training.

At Kepner-Tregoe, we intentionally use the term Program Leader, rather than instructor or trainer, because the responsibilities include activities outside of the typical workshop environment. Through the Train-the-Trainer workshops, we equip Program Leaders to lead workshops and serve as rational thinking consultants who develop and implement programs designed to drive sustainability and align your organization for success. This experience prepares select employees to become KT Program Leaders, certified to conduct in-house KT workshops.

Over the years, providing training with our Program Leaders has proven to be one of the most effective ways to embed Kepner-Tregoe Clear Thinking capabilities into an organization.

Root Cause Analysis
Virtual session, US
19.Oct - 21.Oct 2021
Virtual session, US
09.Nov - 10.Nov 2021

Workshop Overview

Kepner-Tregoe's Root Cause Analysis (RCA) training equips individuals and teams with the tools to systematically find the root cause of problems and prevent them from reoccurring. As the world's leading troubleshooting company, KT has led major investigations in every industry and environment possible. This workshop brings that wealth of experience to the classroom so you can learn and practice root cause analysis skills and make an immediate impact back on the job.

Audience: Employees at all levels who are required to perform root cause analysis (RCA), troubleshoot, and conduct problem solving will benefit from this workshop. Well suited for engineering, quality, operations, manufacturing, IT, customer service, and maintenance.

Process Facilitator and Coach Development
Den Dolder or Virtual, NL
08.Feb - 09.Feb 2022
Den Dolder or Virtual, NL
10.Oct - 11.Oct 2022


Growing a competitive organization requires leadership in the area of critical thinking for teams and individuals. These advisors and coaches must manage complexity, facilitate the transfer of knowledge but also, support the ongoing adoption of critical thinking skills in a sustainable way. Through Kepner-Tregoe’s Process Facilitator and Coach Development, your leaders will gain a deeper understanding of KT Clear Thinking processes and learn how to apply those tools within your teams. As certified facilitators and coaches, your leaders will lead their colleagues in solving difficult problems, making tough decisions, setting priorities, and planning ahead.

KT Troubleshooting Simulation
En virtuel, FR
17.Nov - 17.Nov 2021
Virtuel, FR
15.Nov - 15.Nov 2022

Workshop Overview

The KT Troubleshooting Simulation invites learners to practice their problem solving skills in a safe-to-fail virtual environment and accelerate the transfer of skills from the classroom to back on-the-job. Learners are challenged to apply their skills quickly and efficiently under pressure, including group discussions and real-time coaching from the instructor.

Audience:  Anyone who is required to troubleshoot, perform investigations, root cause analysis (RCA), manage incidents or conduct problem solving and has already completed a KT Workshop (e.g. Problem Solving and Decision Making, KT Resolve/Restore, ITSM PIM, ATS, etc.). Functional troubleshooting roles often include service, support, and quality engineers, analysts, technicians, problem and incident managers, auditors, and others responsible for resolution of critical incidents and problems.  

KT LiveOnline: Problem Solving & Decision Making
Remote / Virtual Session, CN
23.Nov - 25.Nov 2021
Remote / Virtual Session, Taiwan, CN
23.Nov - 25.Nov 2021

Workshop Overview

Kepner-Tregoe LiveOnline provides individuals and teams an efficient way to learn KT’s Clear Thinking processes from wherever they are—with no travel required.  Led by an experienced instructor, KT LiveOnline utilizes a web meeting platform to provide you access to the specific problem solving and decision making skills you want to develop. With its flexible format, you can choose to learn the specific components of the KT Problem Solving and Decision Making (PSDM) skills that you need, or go through full KT Training – from wherever you are.

Audience: Employees at all levels who are required to perform troubleshooting, root cause analysis (RCA) and conduct problem solving will benefit from this workshop. Well suited for engineering, quality, operations, manufacturing, IT, customer service, and maintenance.

Risk Mitigation for Operations

Workshop Overview

Risk mitigation is often considered only after a costly and time-consuming incident disrupts operations or damages your company’s reputation. Performing a risk assessment before problems occur proactively handles potential problems and make sure precious resources stay focused on progress vs. remediation. This one-day hands-on workshop will provide you with real-world practice in our simulation-based scenarios that prepare you to manage risk.  Minimum time will be spent on a risk mitigation theory with maximum time practicing in our risk scenario simulator. In the simulator, you will measure the quality of your risk mitigation plan against various likely scenarios and learn how to effectively protect your plan. You will also practice your skills in a "risk challenge" that requires you to rapidly apply the concepts to your own real-life scenarios.

Audience: Personnel involved in shutdowns, turnarounds, and outages (STOs), changeovers, and roles such as Reliability and Maintenance Engineers and Project team members


Managing People in Projects

Workshop Overview

Project results come from people, not software. As such, overlooking the human element of projects is a common cause for project failure. By effectively managing people in projects you can consistently get the best performance from your project teams and get the best project results.

Kepner-Tregoe’s Managing People in Projects workshop directs the focus of project leaders on managing people, not tasks, collaborating with others, and navigating the interpersonal relationships present in every project. From learning best practices for effective motivation, to optimizing stakeholder involvement, KT's Managing People in Projects workshop can help you to both recognize and utilize your greatest resource—your people.   

Audience: Designed for project managers and sponsors or anyone in a project leadership role overseeing project team members. This workshop especially adds value to those working with project teams that use the KT Project Management approach. 

Strategic Thinking & Execution Workshop

Workshop Overview

Build your organization’s leadership skills with Kepner-Tregoe’s Strategic Thinking & Execution workshop. This dynamic workshop is designed for emerging and mid-level managers—those reporting directly to the Executive Suite. Given that these leaders have significant responsibility for implementing an organization’s strategy, this workshop prepares mid-level managers in building strategic understanding and commitment throughout the organization. By supporting your managers in deepening their clear thinking skills, your organization can begin developing a cadre of people with strategic decision making skills.

Audience: All professionals, managers and organization leaders who are responsible for making and recommending resource allocations, accomplishing growth and profit targets or for designing, marketing, producing or distributing the organization’s products or services. Also suitable for middle managers who report directly to the top team.

Project Management Products

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Problem Solving & Decision Making
Virtual session, US
19.Oct - 22.Oct 2021
Taipei, CN
26.Oct - 28.Oct 2021

Workshop Overview

When faced with a problem or decision, you need the right answer—and fast. For over 60 years, KT's Problem Solving & Decision Making workshops have been helping teams and individuals find the root cause of problems faster, make better decisions, manage risk, and prioritize what to work on first. KT's instructors will ensure you're ready use these skills back on the job to make an impact where you work.

Future of Jobs Report 2020The Future of Jobs Report 2020  from the World Economic Forum includes Problem Solving as a top skill that employers continue to see as rising in prominence with year-on-year consistency.

Audience: Ideal for employees at all levels required to troubleshoot, perform root cause analysis (RCA), make decisions and implement plans. Particularly well suited for engineering, quality, operations, manufacturing, IT, customer service, maintenance, marketing and sales.

KT is not endorsed by, or affiliated with the World Economic Forum.

Leadership Development Products

Developing Clear Thinking Leaders 

KT Frontline SE
Remote / Virtual Session, Hong Kong, CN
02.Dec - 02.Dec 2021
Remote / Virtual Session, MY
02.Dec - 02.Dec 2021

Workshop Overview

Kepner-Tregoe’s interactive Frontline Simulation workshop is all about learning by doing.  You will learn five basic steps of troubleshooting and repeatedly practice applying the skills in our close-to-reality simulation scenarios. This technology enabled active learning environment delivers minimum theory and maximum application to increase confidence in troubleshooting.

Audience: KT Frontline is our most introductory level troubleshooting workshop.  It is ideal for anyone whose responsibilities include reacting to and solving problems on the spot and escalation to experts, when necessary. 

Examples: Frontline Service and Support Engineers, Service and Help Desk staff.

Coaching Workshop

Workshop Overview

Organizations embark on change initiatives because they understand that continuous skill development and process improvement are critical to future success. Many of those initiatives fail to change on-the-job behavior.

Coaching drives positive change and supports the use of those newly learned skills into the daily routines of affected staff. No different than any great sports team, good coaching is often the difference between incremental and real step-change improvement success.

Audience: Ideal for senior engineers and managers with responsibilities for technical support, problem management, incident management, escalation management and continual service improvement. Anyone involved in behavior change management, implementing the KT methodology.

KT Facilitator

Workshop Overview

When a major crisis hits, facilitation skills are essential to guide your team through critical situations. Issue facilitation requires a clear purpose, a cool head and great communication. This workshop will give you the leadership skills which enable you to manage major problems paying dividends for your organization.

Audience: Ideal for senior engineers and managers with responsibilities for (major) incident management, escalation management, technical support, problem management, and continual service improvement. Anyone involved in behavior change management, implementing the KT methodology.

Decision Making for Leaders
Classe virtuelle, FR
23.Nov - 23.Nov 2021
Virtuel, FR
05.Jul - 05.Jul 2022

Workshop Overview

Kepner-Tregoe's Decision Making for Leaders training provides a scalable, systematic approach to making strategic, operational, and tactical decisions across your organization. As pioneers of decision science, Kepner-Tregoe has been helping executives, business leaders, and workers at all levels make difficult decisions for nearly 60 years. This unique, one-day workshop brings that wealth of experience to the classroom so you can learn to avoid decision making biases, practice new skills, and make an immediate impact back on the job.

Audience: Employees at all levels who are required to make or participate in decisions will benefit from this workshop. Well suited for engineering, quality, operations, manufacturing, IT, customer service, marketing, research and development, and maintenance.

Problem Solving & Decision Making for CAPAs

Workshop Overview

Problem Solving & Decision Making for Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPAs) is an FDA-recognized, step-by-step approach to close out deviations with complete, well-documented investigations. Through this workshop, you’ll learn how to respond to deviations with a process that is focused, rapid, and fully documented. Ideal for pharmaceutical and medical device companies, Problem Solving & Decision Making for CAPAs provides the essential framework for satisfying agency investigation requirements and eliminating future deviations.

Audience:  Anyone who has to investigate, find root cause, manage investigations or CAPAs. This includes operators who support investigations through managers who approve investigations. 

Incident Mapping

Workshop Overview

Have you ever come across an issue that seems impenetrable or unsolvable? With Kepner-Tregoe’s Incident Mapping workshop, you will discover how to create greater clarity to tough situations—quickly. These challenging situations are usually bound by several closely related themes. KT Incident Mapping can systematically identify these issues—providing a clear and complete overview of the incident to determine the best way forward.

Audience: Ideal for quality managers, analysts, problem and incident managers, safety & health environmental officers, auditors, technicians, engineers and others responsible for resolution of critical incidents and problems.