Problem solving videos describe the Kepner-Tregoe problem solving model and how this approach to troubleshooting or root cause analysis is used to improve business outcomes. KT problem solving is a data-driven methodology based on structured, critical thinking. KT Problem Solving and Decision Making training has been provided in many of Fortune 500 companies. Our problem solving methods are used internationally in most industries. How organizations use this approach to improve quality, reliability, profits, efficiency or other critical success factors is presented in these problem-solving videos.

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The car won't start. How to ask questions to solve problems
The car won't start, it's late and you've got to get home. A video example of good questioning to solve
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Transposer Trouble Requires Rapid Analysis
Major problems always require attention. They may not always require time consuming analysis. A video example of how following a
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Learn to be a Top-Gun Troubleshooter Through Simulation

Emel Firtina and Christoph Goldenstern discuss how Kepner-Tregoe’s new platform simulates the pressure cooker of a live challenge complete with consequences and rewards for actions taken.  And, since this is a “safe to fail” environment, negative consequences to the organization are minimized and learning is accelerated.  

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Burgmann Industries -- Case Study

KT Problem Solving provides a common language for resolving issues and achieves results faster than anticipated.

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The Problem Solving Model

Part I of a presentation from Dave Broenen of Cisco Systems on how Cisco turned the tables to get profitable results from their support organization.

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Proactive Problem Management Strategy

Video: Are you communicating problems or having problems communicating?  John Griffiths – Fox IT John describes the communication issues present in the Servicedesk -> Incident Management -> Problem Management chain and provides some ideas for aligning the communication channels.

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Faster with higher accuracy

Dale Hobil, Senior Manager IBM Rational Customer Service, discusses the use of KT processes to eliminate problems, respond to ever increasing customer demand and measurably increase customer satisfaction.

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Case Difficulty and Experience

Part II of a presentation with Dave Broenen of Cisco Systems

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