Operational efficiency videos describe efficiency improvements that translate into increased profits, quality improvements, or other business improvements that make organizations more competitive. Kepner-Tregoe operational efficiency consulting engagements target specific processes or equipment to identify rapid improvements that are sustainable, offering long term value. Our structured analytics and sustainable solutions create a business environment of quality and cost efficiency. Operational efficiency programs can focus on overall operational efficiency or optimize specific processes or equipment in many industries. The operational efficiency videos offer a range of approaches that manufacturers can take to use greater operational efficiencies to translate into better profits, regulatory compliance, improved quality or other measures.

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Driving Zero Harm in Contractor Management

KT’s Leo Jolly and Kennicot Utah Copper’s Mick Routledge discuss how to meet challenges to improve safe, effective, and efficient management of contractors while avoiding injuries and lowering costs.

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Optimizing Manufacturing Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Kevin Duffy, Global Vice President of KT, and Ian Rowledge, Director of Lineview Solutions, share insights on improving processes through data driven problem solving. The goal is to get rapid sustainable information for clients with quality data and well trained workers.

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Growing Profits Through Manufacturing Compliance and Quality

KT’s Michael Curran-Hays explains three phases of diagnostics in order to engage in projects to help fix issues on site. Improvement starts with giving people capabilities to sustain changes and customize objectives.

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Cement Australia -- Driving Rapid Results & Lasting Value

KT processes dramatically improve the annual plant shutdown.

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