Implementation videos provide valuable advice related to change management. In Kepner-Tregoe’s experience, when a project or initiative is not implemented properly, change does not take place. These implementation videos present Kepner-Tregoe consultant insights and client testimony about KT approaches to executing sustainable organizational change. The implementation videos offer valuable insights on how to execute changes that meet organizational goals now and over time.

The implementation videos describe best practices for implementing new processes to meet organizational goals. Unfortunately, too often improvement initiatives flounder despite substantial investment in time and money. When transformation is required, it means involvement from across all functions and departments and at the right pace. Kepner-Tregoe has worked inside organizations to introduce new processes and initiatives for over 50 years. Our tried-and-true implementation approaches ensure that a new initiative is communicated to the organization and understood, has specific goals, gains buy-in at all levels, and is supported on the job with specific actions. These and other practices can ensure that transformation is possible and sustainable.

Implementing change successfully requires careful attention to managing processes, and more importantly, managing people. The implementation videos offer a range of presentations on best practices, actual implementation program examples, as well as lessons learned from failure and success.

Learn more about the successful Kepner-Tregoe approaches to managing change, used in organizations worldwide, by contacting us. 

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Implementing an improvement initiative

Experts in the energy industy from Nanicok, Ontario Power, Quad Cities, Exelon as well as others offer advise to others on how to support and drive an effective implementation improvement initiative across an organization.

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The Five Catalysts of Implementation Success Video

KT’s Martin Wing gives suggestions for implementation success: defining the goal, integrating performance and process, achieving capability development, and coaching for high performance.

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How to maximize adoption rate

Part IV of a presentation from Dave Broenen of Cisco Systems.

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Getting this to work on a large scale

Part III of a presentation with Dave Broenen of Cisco Systems

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