Tech Support Consulting Reviews from Kepner-Tregoe’s clients emphatically praise KT’s ability to achieve phenomenal results that save them time and money, increasing customer satisfaction.  Various organizations cite Kepner-Tregoe’s Problem Analysis for getting to the root cause of the problem, quick issue resolution and driving higher ROI. Tech support reviews consistently show that KT’s problem solving decision making approaches have helped top-notch tech firms like Dell, Siemens, IBM, etc. make smart use of resources and achieve business improvement goals.

Reviews from technology company leaders say that tech support from Kepner-Tregoe resolved complex business problems, reduce costs and improve efficiency. Reviews emphasize that business solutions offered by KT are:

  • Systematic and human
  • Logical and structured
  • Excellent at making complex issues simple
  • Consistent in delivering concrete results

Reviews show that Kepner-Tregoe’s tech support initiatives are responsible for averting tragic consequences for NASA’s Apollo XIII mission to the moon. By implementing KT’s abbreviated Problem Analysis, the Apollo XIII mission was saved with limited time and resources, and the astronauts were able to safely return to earth.  This is exemplary of how KT processes enable a team of engineers and other employees to work together to resolve problems rapidly.

Tech industry leaders testify that by adopting KT business improvement processes they were able to tackle the most complex challenges, accelerate growth and drive higher performance.

With over 50 years of improving business outcomes for world’s leading companies, including technology firms, Kepner-Tregoe remains the top choice for industry leaders to turn to KT for business solutions.

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Kepner-Tregoe Review by Global IT Company

“I was astounded by the work accomplished.”

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Kepner-Tregoe Review by Global IT Networking Company

“Using the KT Resolve process, I am able to resolve customer issues quicker. Because of this, my backlog has been reduced over 65%.”

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