Resource Allocation Strategies by Kepner-Tregoe (KT) have been reviewed by industry experts who operate in lean environments that demand substantial results.  These industry leaders explain how Kepner-Tregoe’s resource allocation as well as process improvement strategies have resulted in product innovation, higher sales, dramatic increases in revenue and reduction in operational costs.  Kepner-Tregoe resource allocation reviews demonstrate that KT’s experienced consultants accelerate business innovation, create opportunities for high performance, and resolve business challenges rapidly.

Reviews by industry leaders point out major benefits of implementing Kepner-Tregoe’s resource allocation methodologies:

Product Innovation: Resource allocation and process improvement strategies implemented by a company specializing in greeting cards resulted in product innovations, leading to strong sales while controlling costs. Clear product strategies from KT supported growth in new categories; and better project execution improved its new product performance.

Launch of six new products simultaneously: Project management initiatives and resource allocation were crucial in launching six new products internationally for a Chicago-based company specializing in frozen and packaged foods.

Revenue up, costs down: Resource allocation and Problem Solving Decision Making achieved outstanding business results for a baked goods manufacturer- from a spike in revenue of 30% to decrease in manufacturing, distribution and administration costs!

Kepner-Tregoe resource allocation experts consult, train, implement, and coach businesses through change, and builds skills and capability that translate into rapid problem resolution, smart planning, calculated decision making, and ongoing management effectiveness.

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Kepner-Tregoe Review by Interbake Foods

“We started by training all newcomers in KT processes. They were then able to pull together as a team almost instantaneously. The KT processes provided a common approach and helped them sift through tons of data, ask penetrating questions, and take the emotion out of decision making.”

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Kepner-Tregoe Review by Tigerprint, A Division of Hallmark

“KT has brought together our concerns and ideas and articulated them in a way we could have not done on our own. The KT approaches provide us with clarity of thought when we need it most: for critical supply chain decisions and strategic business and product reviews.”

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