Project Management Reviews of Kepner-Tregoe by clients demonstrate that Kepner-Tregoe (KT) Project Management consulting initiatives deliver projects on time and on budget. These client reviews of KT’s innovative Project Management approach note how Kepner-Tregoe’s project management method ensures disciplined execution of any number of projects of any size, leading to sustainable results.

KT project management reviews explain that Kepner-Tregoe’s signature problem solving decision making, strategy formulation and implementation, team development, operational improvement as well as business process improvement initiatives have helped companies maximize profit, reduce costs and streamline operations while achieving desired goals.

Results that industry leaders have achieved from implementing Kepner-Tregoe’s Project Management consulting methodologies include:

  • Completion of over 110 projects on time
  • Almost 35% increase in on-schedule projects – from 56% to 90% - in the first year
  • Millions of dollars in savings in processing and material costs
  • Dramatic increase in safety performance, including 40% drop in lost workday/mishap rates

Reviews of Kepner-Tregoe credit KT’s four-stage approach for such effective Project Management performance:

Definition: Identify the need for the project, including specific goals that the project should achieve.

Planning: Getting down to the nitty-gritty – who will do what and when. The planning stage incorporates Problem Analysis process for assessing project risk.

Implementation: This pillar ensures project goals are achieved while also leveraging new opportunities.

Project Communication: Woven throughout the earlier three stages, project communication incorporates effective leadership skills to manage human performance and address stakeholder involvement and satisfaction.

Reviews by the world’s most successful companies provide examples of Kepner-Tregoe’s expertise in Project Management, one of many testaments to what makes KT a premier management consulting firm.

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Kepner-Tregoe Review by Boral Bricks Inc

“Kepner-Tregoe played a key role in the execution phase of the project. With over 230 separate initiatives, project and resource planning was a daunting task. The KT team helped us pull together a structured, logical program for managing the implementation.”

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