“Kepner-Tregoe gave me a disciplined, practical process for getting to the core of an issue…KT’s results can be measured in (savings of) hundreds of millions of dollars!’’

--Review by Robert Lutz, Ex-Vice-president, General Motors (GM), North America

Reviewing Kepner-Tregoe's problem solving techniques, Robert A Lutz, former Vice-president of GM North America, reveals that while working at GM, KT problem solving processes helped resolve dozens of highly complex issues.  Solving problems that stumped even the brightest engineers, Kepner-Tregoe helped GM save hundreds of millions of dollars.

CLIENT: GM North America, among the world’s largest automakers, headquartered in Detroit, Michigan.

CHALLENGE: To resolve various engineering problems for different engineering models.

SOLUTION: Kepner-Tregoe Problem Solving methodologies identified the root cause of the problems which helped GM save hundreds of millions of dollars! According to Lutz - Reduce variability. Increase predictability and repeatability. These are where the rubber meets the road in performance excellence within and outside the auto industry. “Using a systematic thinking process is essential to achieving all three,” says Lutz, “And when you do, you have made a huge step in efficiency and quality.”

RESULTS: Says Lutz, “And the cash value” of using the Kepner-Tregoe processes? “It has to be in the tens, if not hundreds, of millions of dollars. In terms of advancing my career and getting promoted, the value is probably worth several millions of dollars to me personally.” He adds, “Three key factors—my father, the U.S. Marine Corps and Kepner-Tregoe—were decisive,” in accounting for his spectacular success at BMW, Ford, Chrysler and GM.Kepner-Tregoe Review by General Motors