Kepner-Tregoe provides manager development programs or workshops to train company leaders in strategic problem solving methods, project management, as well as decision making frameworks.  These management problem solving workshops provide a significant competitive edge to managers and businesses by helping them develop current and future executives. 

It is universally acknowledged that leaders, managers, and teams must set priorities, solve problems, make decisions, and execute plans.  However, even in business school, these leaders are rarely taught problem solving techniques, a process for business decision making, or methods for any of the other core activities that managers or executives engage in every day.  Leaders who do have a foundation in methods of solving complex business problems like those developed and refined by Kepner-Tregoe are all the more valuable because of this training. 

The ability to identify root causes of problems, lead teams, collaborate to solve difficult problems, make complex decisions, and implement strategic change is what sets innovators apart from the competition.  Kepner-Tregoe problem solving or manager development workshops pull together decades of experience and Kepner-Tregoe strategic frameworks to further develop business leaders who fill vital roles within their company.

Kepner-Tregoe’s proven data-driven thinking processes are at the foundation of effective leadership. We significantly increase the capability of individuals and teams to think clearly together, with a common language and process. Once they become proficient, they can resolve even the most complex issues confronting the organization.

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