On-site problem solving training engagements offered by Kepner-Tregoe help companies to implement a framework of problem solving methods in single departments or across the enterprise.  From operations to IT to customer and technical support and in the human resources area, Kepner-Tregoe provides problem solving solutions.

In addition, we offer numerous off-site PSDM workshops in locations around the world, in languages including English, German, Mandarin and Dutch.  These workshops give participants the opportunity to learn problem solving and decision making methods that they can apply to everyday business challenges.   Available throughout the year in locations all over the world, the PSDM workshops have been provided to tens of thousands of employees, managers and executives from industries as diverse as pharmaceutical/life sciences, manufacturing, paper products, consumer goods, energy, utilities and government

This wide range of problem solving training and skills development services are based on the Kepner-Tregoe problem solving decision making framework.  From off-site core curriculum workshops to highly customized skills development services delivered on-site, Kepner-Tregoe is the world leader in providing problem solving services and problem solving training.

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