Kepner-Tregoe project management consulting helps your project manager or team improve project execution by using our comprehensive and effective project management approach built on four pillars of project management;

  •     DefinitionProject Management Institute Registered Consultant
  •     Planning
  •     Implementation
  •     Project Communication

By defining the need for and parameters of the project, planning its execution and practicing problem prevention, implementing the execution process, and maintaining constant communication throughout the process, Kepner-Tregoe Project Management trains your team to manage projects strategically. As a certified member of the Project Management Institute Consultant Registry, Kepner-Tregoe project management will maximize your investment in project, program and portfolio management 

Effective project management problem prevention can be the difference between organizational success and failure, which is why it is crucial to embrace a strategic problem solving and decision making (PSDM) mentality. Organizations worldwide use the Kepner-Tregoe Project Management approach to solve or prevent problems, ensuring that these projects are delivered on time, on budget, and achieve the desired results. Our scalable process and project management consulting programs ensure the necessary planning as well as project problem solving discipline to fit the scope and needs of any project.

Project management consulting programs with Kepner-Tregoe are a competitive advantage for any business or organization, offering the benefits of problem prevention, problem solving decision making training, and development of project managers.  Using our focused methodology consisting of the four-pillars of project management we help our clients to align projects to their strategic goals and available resources, and then develop project managers to plan rigorously and execute seamlessly.

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