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There is now substantial evidence, enforced by the growing field of Behavioral Economics, that " going with my gut instinct" is not an effective way for leaders to make important decisions. No matter how experienced the leader is, systematic, data-driven decision making is the surest way to make multi-faceted, business-critical decisions. This is even more important when many stakeholders (and consequently opinions) need to be considered and aligned.

With Kepner-Tregoe Decision Making facilitation and support, KT will bring in highly-skilled decision making experts to guide your team through a structured, results-oriented process, while bringing consensus to your team. Your decision will be more aligned to your business strategy by identifying clear objectives, understanding the benefits and risks of alternatives, and bringing visibility to the decision making process. Of course, Kepner-Tregoe ensures the absolute highest level of confidentiality for your company.

When You Need KT Decision Making Facilitation

Contact KT for immediate decision making support when you are choosing:

  • Key suppliers
  • What IT software or hardware to purchase and from what vendor
  • How to priortize your project portfolio
  • Whether to expand your current facility or where to locate a new one
  • Which new product to invest in
  • What markets to enter or exit

KT decision making can be used in any industry and has been proven from the C-Suite to the shop floor.

Just a few of the decisions led by Kepner-Tregoe facilitators

  • A design was selected for a $10 million wastewater treatment system
  • A CEO made a critical recommendation while specifying the underlying risks and benefits
  • A company needed to reach consensus with several stakeholders on a major investment that would determine the success or failure of their organization