The problems that companies in the financial services or insurance industries are tasked with solving are more complex than ever before due to challenges in increased regulation, the demands from customers for new banking technology, and transparency requirements.  The experience that Kepner-Tregoe consultants have in offering a problem solving technology to help financial service companies is invaluable for navigating the financial world in these difficult times.   

Insurance industry problem solving faces similar challenges as the financial services industry with the same complexity. This requires a strategic problem solving decision making framework built on proven principles of business decision making.  Kepner-Tregoe problem solving decision making consulting offers insurance companies the competitive advantage they need to increase market share and solve business problems at the risk management, operations, and financial reporting levels.

The Kepner-Tregoe method for financial services or insurance industry problem solving cuts through the clutter to handle specific pressures faced in these operations and find business solutions at every step of the process that increase efficiency and eliminate waste, while ensuring compliance.  These pressures brought about by limited resources, cost pressures from global competition and ever rising customer demand are pervasive.  A financial services and insurance problem solving strategy requires expertise that identifies how these pressures affect your clients and the marketplace you serve.

Kepner-Tregoe provides solutions and data driven process improvement methodologies to deliver measurable and sustainable improvements in the all areas and departments within your business.

Financial Services and Insurance Industry Experience

Below are some of the companies in the financial services or insurance industry that Kepner-Tregoe has had the pleasure of helping:

  • American Express Company
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association
  • Canada Life Assurance Company
  • Citigroup, Inc.
  • Credit Suisse Group
  • Fannie Mae
  • J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.
  • MetLife
  • Morgan Stanley Japan, Ltd.
  • Nordea AB
  • Standard Chartered Bank PLC