Problem solving in the consumer products and packaging industry must be focused on clear thinking, finding the right business solutions that will positively impact millions of  both clients and prospective customers.  Kepner-Tregoe helps consumer products companies solve business problems by providing a business problem solving framework that helps organizations achieve strategic goals.  This is a crucial step in maximizing profits and increasing market share in a competitive atmosphere that is full of challenges and changing demands from customers.

We show consumer product companies problem solving strategies that help them find the right consumer products and packaging solutions. As a part of the process we work with clients to embed the businesses the tools they need to turn major challenges into strategic growth opportunities.  Some collateral benefits of this growth contribute to assist companies to serve both emerging and mature markets, strengthening their foothold in the world of consumer products.

Consumer Products and Packaging Experience

Following are some of the companies with whom we have worked in the consumer products industry. 

Cargill Inc.

Forbo Holding AG



Johnson & Johnson

Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Philip Morris

Ridley, Inc.

Sherwin Williams

Tate & Lyle


Wolf Appliance Company