Customer Support and IT department problem solving challenges are abundant and the need for IT or network solutions is greater than ever.  Companies and IT departments need smart network solutions while at the same time they are confronted with limited resources, increasingly complex technology, and a customer base that demands them to be “faster, better, and cheaper”.  Kepner-Tregoe understands that IT solutions require a strategic problem solving decision making (PSDM) framework and problem solving models that provide real solutions to network problems encountered at all levels of the business. 

Kepner-Tregoe created the world’s leading network troubleshooting methodology to solve IT or network problems by shortening issue resolution times, reducing costs per incident, and increasing customer satisfaction.  Kepner-Tregoe develops personnel in the IT department, delivering a proven IT solutions framework which brings higher quality and consistency to the customer interaction and documentation process. 

This problem solving process gets to the root cause of problems faster, restoring service more effectively, managing risk actively, and helping personnel communicate confidently under pressure.  This IT network problem solving method from Kepner-Tregoe helps IT professionals make good business decisions, strengthening the company from within.