Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) is often compared to other fundamental improvement processes.  OEE is measured by a group of metrics that provide an evaluation of the effectiveness of manufacturing operations based on a variety of factors.  Each of these contributes significantly to manufacturing efficiency.  Kepner-Tregoe (KT) uses the following factors to compare overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) processes, providing a path to increased manufacturing productivity with decreased cost:

  • Annual scheduled operating time
  • Equipment uptime
  • Production speed compared to production potential
  • Quality of products

Kepner-Tregoe uses this well established process in conjunction with an in depth analysis of your business to help identify process performance improvement opportunities for clients in manufacturing or operations.  KT analysis uses detailed current statistical analysis techniques, business process mapping, interviews, front line observations, performance analysis and problem solving to identify Best Demonstrated Performance (BDP) and the key factors which will enable expansion of BPD into normal operation.  Helping manufacturers improve overall equipment effectiveness is one of the primary ways KT works with manufacturers to improve their output efficiency.

Through either consulting or training Kepner-Tregoe helps manufacturers measure overall equipment effectiveness as well as improve their OEE by increasing efficiency, increasing uptime, decreasing waste, and identifying process improvement opportunities in the bottom line of asset utilization.

Kepner-Tregoe then uses OEE in conjunction with lean manufacturing styled problem analysis to help manufacturing companies address the identified areas of opportunity.   Increasing overall equipment effectiveness, KT gives manufacturers the competitive edge they need to thrive in the global economy.

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