Comparing Lean to other operational improvement processes involves comparisons of efficiency, cost reduction, as well as output.  Lean is concerned with eliminating waste or non value added tasks from a business to enhance value for the customer. This is achieved through identifying and eliminating any activities which do not provide value to the end customer. Lean is a culturally based, customer -focused continuous improvement methodology.  Kepner-Tregoe (KT) helps clients maximize their lean programs through both consulting and training with the following steps:

  • Understand the purpose of every action: Learn to See
  • Decide which tools will highlight areas to enhance customer experience
  • Present opportunities persuasively and accelerate implementation
  • Consider Lean foundations to ensure cultural change is supported
  • Measure improvement and begin the journey again

Lean techniques which may be utilized to maximize Lean programs include:

  • 5S
  • Waste Elimination
  • Process Mapping
  • Pull Systems
  • Rapid Implementation (Kaizen Blitz)
  • Spaghetti Diagrams
  • Standardization
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Visual Management
  • Storyboarding
  • Cause and Effect Diagrams

Through consulting, training or workshops, Kepner-Tregoe provides clients with the tools they need to successfully implement lean programs to maximize business outcomes. The Kepner-Tregoe model identifies problems, improves decision-making and implements improvement processes to increase value while decreasing costs. By focusing on these core efficiency programs, Kepner-Tregoe impacts overall equipment effectiveness while eliminating waste.

By maximizing lean processes with Kepner-Tregoe, organizations see increased productivity, decreased downtime, as well as higher value added to their operations.  Lean programs can also be part of Manufacturing or Tech Support operations or used in an office environment for an efficient flow of information.

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