Comparing Kaizen continuous improvement to other process improvement methods often focuses on its applicability to any type of business or manufacturing organization or supply chain.  Kaizen is a Japanese term for “good change” or improvement”. The Kaizen philosophy seeks to humanize the workplace by making work easier through continuous improvement.

Kepner-Tregoe (KT) maximizes the use of Kaizen continuous improvement through application of Targeted Performance Improvement. At the core of many of our Kaizen events is the targeted application of our Clear Thinking tool ‘Potential Problem Analysis and Potential Opportunity Analysis. These processes enable us to work with a team to create the optimal environment to enable them to have a ‘Perfect Day’. Once we’ve demonstrated what can be achieved through this focused improvement, a step change in the mind set of what is possible is achieved. We find this can be a much more powerful and immediate technique than auditing or comparing against other industry best practices..   

Through Kaizen Blitzes we work with our client organizations to make focused, improvements that target specific metrics such as conversion time, quality or cost using this approach: 

  • Identify suitable process
  • Assess current state
  • Facilitate and define business objectives of future state
  • Facilitate brainstorming activity and tools
  • Document solutions and plans
  • Facilitate risk assessment
  • Manage implementation

A component of Kepner-Tregoe’s methodology is process improvement similar to the “Kaizen Blitz”. Using Targeted Performance Improvement, KT focuses on rapid process improvement, providing a framework for quick, action-oriented projects similar to the ‘Kaizen Blitz’. Also referred to as a Kaizen Event, this step change or Kaizen Blitz equivalent delivers planned and collaborative process improvement quickly.

Kepner-Tregoe’s experts have years of experience with successful process improvement implementation. KT Step Change consulting and training programs offer the tools you need to improve operation efficiency, eliminate waste, and incentivize innovation.

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