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ITSM Problem & Incident Management Workshop

As pioneers in issue resolution KT now brings its clear thinking processes to Problem and Incident Management--processes that provide a common troubleshooting approach that ensures quality and consistency in customer support. In alignment with ITIL framwork, these core "troubleshooting" skills are used by IT Service and Support Managers worldwide to reduce time-to-close, increase first-time-fix rates, reduce unnecessary fixes, increase customer satisfaction and maximize Customer-Lfetime-Value.

How you will benefit: 

  • Structured, critical thinking to analyze incidents and problems, select the best fix or workaround and proactvely avoid problems
  • The ability to systematically clarify, catagorize, assess impact, and prioritize indicents and problems
  • Clearly describing a problem and gathering the most relevant data to get to root cause
  • A strategic approach to problem solving based on problem type, e.g., start-up and recurring problems
  • How to capatalize by making thinking visible
  • Effective, consistent incident and problem documentation
  • Succinct effective stakeholder communication and resource management throughout the problem or incident life-cycle

This priSM® recognized workshop will prepare you for the KT Problem & Incident Management examination.

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