Webinar: The New Digital Operating Model

Hosted by Kepner-Tregoe

The age of digital transformation is upon us. Today, the four most valuable companies on the stock market are tech companies, and as the New York Times notes, "every company is a tech company." A broad new consensus on how to manage technology is taking hold. Cloud, Agile, DevOps, and Lean Product Management are the foundations of the new digital operating model.

Join us for this live webinar with Charles T. Betz, one of the industry's leading experts on digital transformation and IT operating models, and hear him deliver an important message for today's information technologists. Topics include:

  • What does this mean for companies embarking on this transition?
  • How can you adapt to the new realities of cross-functional, semi-autonomous teams deploying new functionality tens or hundreds of times more frequently?
  • What becomes of shared centers of excellence, internal service relationships, and cross-functional IT Service Management processes?


Meeting title:        The New Digital Operating Model 

Date:                   Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Start time:           1:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time (GMT-0400)

Duration:              45 to 60 minutes


Charles Betz - Featured Speaker

Charles Betz is an author, advisor, consultant and faculty, and has been called "one of the world's foremost experts in the practice of IT management." He is the author of Architecture and Patterns for IT Management, and currently represents Armstrong Group to the IT4IT Forum. He has held product management, analyst and architect positions for Wells Fargo, AT&T, Best Buy, Target, EMA and Accenture.



Carlos Casanova - Moderator

Carlos Casanova is Founder and President of Casanova Advisory Services and co-author of The CMDB Imperative: How to Realize the Dream and Avoid the Nightmares (2009). He is an Executive and Sr. Leadership adviser specializing in operational effectiveness and efficiency initiatives through the transformation of raw data into actionable information. He guides organizations and their leadership through challenges of strategizing, designing and executing real-world organizational change through service and configuration management initiatives.



Christoph Goldenstern - Host

Christoph Goldenstern is a member of Kepner-Tregoe's Executive Leadership Team. As Vice President of Global Strategy, Marketing and Service Excellence, he is responsible for KT's strategy as well as its Service Excellence solutions--a set of consulting, training and coaching services provided to technology companies and IT/Service organizations.