Unique, personal support to enhance your capability

KT now offers you the follow-up you need, where and when you want it.

You and your organisation invest considerable time and expense in training and developing your abilities. At KT we want to help you do more: get real results from your efforts, every day.

At Kepner-Tregoe, we recognise that…


After your training you are enthusiastic and motivated to put the learning into practice, but when you get back to the office or factory,
pressures of daily work prevent you from getting the most from your training.



We recognize there is a learning ladder to climb. After the workshop you’ve already stepped three steps up the ladder. To make you really capable of applying your new learned skills on a daily basis, it needs some additional effort and coaching:


KT's new public session concept in the UK uniquely offers you the same kind of coaching that many of our in-company groups enjoy:

  • A day’s on-site coaching within a month* of your class, to help you apply what you’ve learned to your most important business issues and projects.
  • Personal help from your class trainer by e-mail, phone, webcast, or when you want it.
  • The cost? It’s all part of the service.
  • We’ll arrange it to suit your needs.

*If you use KT methods within a month of your class, you’re more likely to feel the benefit long term.

Apply now for additional support: European.enquiries@kepner-tregoe.com or contact us: +44 (0) 1628 778776