Say Goodbye to Sloppy Thinking

Sloppy thinking is something we've all been "diagnosed" with at some point in our lives. We get distracted, forget to ask the right questions, ignore the data, shoot from the hip and jump to conclusions.

It is, in fact, a natural tendency for people - including very smart people - to deal with complex issues exactly the same way we deal with more simple issues. The side effects of sloppy thinking, however, can be far too serious: slumping sales, lost market share and recurring problems.

The cure: enhance your organization's brainpower. No matter how big the challenge, the primary attribute that will allow your organization to thrive is the ability of its employees to think clearly, especially when the pressure is on.

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Thinking Organizations:

  • Move faster
  • Execute strategic change more effectively
  • Reach higher levels of operating performance
  • Achieve higher customer satisfaction ratings
  • Make fewer costly mistakess
  • Build a stronger and more engaged culture

Check out our comical first episode of
"Diagnosis: Sloppy Thinking.  Cure: Kepner-Tregoe Clear Thinking."

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