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Think first, then act.
When something goes wrong, the tendency is to do something now. Yet, to get to the root cause of your problem or challenge, it's essential to ask the right questions and think through the issue.

Kepner-Tregoe's Root Cause Analysis (RCA) training equips you, and your teams, to systematically find the root cause of problems—and prevent them from recurring. Whether you use programs like CAPA, 8D, Six Sigma or Lean, KT integrates seamlessly.

And through this dynamic 2-day training, we'll show you how. Because with KT's RCA Workshops, you'll go beyond basic theory and walk away with practical techniques you can apply immediately on the job.

KT can conduct training at your location for your team, department or any group within your organization.
Our two-day public session workshops are ideal for individuals and small groups responsible for troubleshooting or problem solving of any kind.
KT can come to your location to provide immediate project support for any root cause analysis needs. KT RCA experts can facilitate RCA process, deliver training and implementation simultaneously.
An international training and consulting firm, Kepner-Tregoe has been improving the way organizations operate for nearly 60 years. Having facilitated countless decisions of all sizes, our training is based on real-world experience to yield you real-world results.
"I used to be afraid to be assigned a Root Cause Evaluation, But not anymore. I know that I just need to follow systematic process and get the right people involved."

—Maintenance Supervisor,
FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant
Clients We've Worked For:
Cisco Corning Environmental Dell Duke Energy
Ricoh Sherwin Williams NASA Tokyo Electron
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