I know every language yet can't speak a word. I am often seen and sometimes heard. I'm both new and old and sometimes I mold. But despite my appearance, I'm never untold. What am I?


Answer: Books


Did you get it correct? Great job!


Training is a large part of our business at Kepner-Tregoe and we believe that continuous learning and skill development are critical to employee and organizational development. Book clubs are springing up in companies everywhere (including KT!) so employees can learn together, discuss new ideas and evaluate how they can make an impact on the organization.


Have you read Kepner-Tregoe's book, The New Rational Manager? If not, add it to your book club list! In this book, KT's founders, Benjamin Tregoe and Charles Kepner, describe the KT critical thinking processes for effective leadership and problem resolution that have been used across the world for over 60 years. If you haven't been introduced to KT methodologies before, The New Rational Manager is a great way to dive into the five main processes that are taught in more depth in our workshops. Get a copy of The New Rational Manager at one of the links below:


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