Kepner-Tregoe Tech Support Services help organizations to focus on improving IT troubleshootingreducing costs and restoring service, all while increasing customer satisfaction. Used globally in IT Service Management, our systematic, process approach decreases recurring incidents, improves knowledge management and supports IT stability.

ITIL® recognizes our problem management approach for bringing consistency and speed to the complex tech environment. KT root cause analysis leads to permanent solutions, greater efficiency and quality and lower costs.

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  • Reduced mean-time-to-resolution by 50%
  • Increased customer satisfaction by +90%
  • Improved first-time-fix-rate by 40%
  • Reduced backlog by 60%
  • Streamlined escalations
  • Accelerated productivity of new hires
  • Dramatic improvement in the customer experience      

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ServiceNow has added Kepner-Tregoe's troubleshooting functionality to its world class, best-in-breed IT managment solution portfolio.