Kepner-Tregoe equips you with the ability to think clearly and rise above



Kepner-Tregoe equips you with the ability to think clearly and rise above the challenge of any problem.



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The World Needs More Thinkers. Are You One of Them?

In today's world, where the innovation cycle is getting shorter and shorter, changes are happening more rapidly than ever. To stay competitive and survive among hundreds if not thousands of emerging and existing businesses, one has to be able to deal with relevant changes quickly and effectively in order to keep up with the fast-paced environment that we are living in. When speed is required, one's ability in critical thinking is highly essential to avoid coming up with measures that have counterproductive effects.

What's the point of being quick, but wrong? Jumping to action serve no other meaningful purpose other than the urge that you need to do something about it. We probably do not have the luxury or choice to go back to the once laid back environment when customers are less demanding, but we do have a choice to train ourselves in thinking better. And we can cultivate this ability to think and react, even under extreme time pressure, with the help of a systematic structure.

Forbes recent article 'Cognitive Warming: Brain Training for High Pressure Decision-Making' pointed out exactly about the needs in today's world to make heated decisions with a cooler mind, may it be in the boardroom, or at the political arenas.

For more than 50 years, KT has trained millions of professionals in rational thinking. In these time of ours, not only top management are required to possessed critical and clear thinking ability, but almost every level within an organization needs to be equipped with such skills. It is when all individual contributors are able to have clear and rational thinking ability, that the organization will strive and come out on top in the competition.

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NEW offering! Blended Learning KT Problem Solving & Decision Making

New blended learning option available for all interested in our Problem Solving & Decision Making workshop. This will consist of an 8 hour online self-study program that should be completed a span of 4 weeks.

The audience will get an opportunity to clarify any doubts in a 2 day face-to-face session facilitated by a KT instructor. In addition, there will be more hands on practice cases to be completed, followed by actual applications of the process on the job.

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