As an organization founded on transferring career changing skills, we are honoured and proud to have become a valued partner to CareerTrackers and CareerSeekers.

CareerTrackers is a national non-profit that provides mentoring and internship opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander university students. Founded by Michael Combs, himself an alumnus from the INROADS African-American internship program, CareerTrackers is a national network of careers advisors and program managers who work with industry to create multi-year internship opportunities. The aim is that interns will convert into a full-time employee upon completion of their university degree.

Career Seekers is a nonprofit that follows a similar model to CareerTrackers, to create employment opportunities for asylum seekers and refugees seeking to re-establish their professional careers in Australia.

Throughout 2017 and 2018 KT has been honored to deliver some of our flagship problem solving and decision-making thinking to teams of students to maximise their success as they head out into their internships. These sessions are typically conducted across the country at the same time, often on a weekend, and our entire team are always ready to offer their time to prepare a custom program and then deliver it as we find it so inspiring to work with these students.

In 2017/18, thirteen KT consultants and independent contractors delivered 11 different sessions with at least 50 interns at each. The sessions were a true joy for us to deliver and based on feedback from the interns, provided very valuable insights and self-awareness along with key skills they can take to the workplace. We have also been delighted to welcome CareerTrackers alumni to our public sessions and thought leadership events.

For 60 years, Kepner-Tregoe has been developing critical thinking skills to people and organisations. When the opportunity arose to support CareerTrackers to better prepare indigenous university students for employment through specialised training and internships, we jumped at the chance. The decision to get involved was obvious. The statistics said it all. According to the Australia Council for Education Research, less than half of indigenous university students make it to graduation. The program run by CareerTrackers is changing that, with nearly nine out of 10 of its participants completing university, and many achieving distinction and high distinction averages. Financial disadvantage is one of the main reasons indigenous students are unable to finish studies they started. The CareerTrackers Advantage addresses that need and Interns are sharing their success widely through inspiring family members and being a role model in corporate Australia. This generation of indigenous professionals will change the landscape of Australian society and we are proud to play a small part in this incredible journey. 

The Sydney Morning Herald - The program helping Indigenous students beat the average

Below: Ishita Terry, Belinda Bright and Jade Pearson of Kepner-Tregoe at a CareerTrack Gala dinner.