Help! My car is allergic to vanilla ice cream. Can you find out why?

Critical Thinking Quiz

A Study in Problem Solving

On behalf of Kepner-Tregoe, we’d like to welcome you to HR Summit Singapore 2016. We are a capability development and consulting organization that offers training and tools to help your workforce to resolve the most pressing issues with clarity and confidence. We’ve set up a really fun case for you to read that contains a story about a car that wouldn’t start every time it’s owner purchased vanilla ice cream.  

Help us solve the mystery and receive a free prize.

  • Read the full story by filling in the short form just to the right to access the story
  • Consider how you would approach solving this problem and write down your answers
  • Visit our booth and share:
    • The questions you would ask
    • A few good possible causes 

See you at Booth 33 where we'll uncover clues to this interesting story and discover how RATIONAL THINKING enables you and your team to solve problems in a more systematic and effective manner.  We look forward to meeting you!