I sincerely hope you, your families, communities, and organizations are staying safe and healthy as we all face the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19. My appreciation and gratitude go out to those in health care, the military, law enforcement and all essential workers who are on the front line caring for and serving the public. Thank you for all the great work you are doing. 

Ben Tregoe and Chuck Kepner built KT process to manage a crisis. From helping NASA bring Apollo 13 safely back to earth, to numerous examples across many industries, we’ve seen our share of challenges. Throughout our 62-year history we have worked alongside our clients in times of emergency. When no solution was in sight, we engaged critical thinking, employing KT process all the way through to successful resolutions.

Regardless of the challenges you are facing we are here to help. From supporting improvement or business continuity initiatives to providing our broad suite of training solutions virtually, our KT team is ready to go.

We are here today to help bring clarity to your tomorrow.

Stay Safe. Stay Positive. Stay Connected.


Bill Baldwin
Chief Executive Officer