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The potential to improve operations through an increased focus on growing the skills of front line employees is a big opportunity that is vastly overlooked. Joel Beezhold, former VP of Operations at Yanfeng talks about a way to give employees “skin in the game” by offering a path for career improvement through a structured skill development program along with tangible actions your frontline workforce can implement now to improve business productivity and results.

Takeaways include:

  • How to put the disciplines of problem-solving into your employees’ toolbox
  • How to increase problem-solving proficiency to the extent where teams ask for harder and more complicated issues to solve
  • How to focus on root cause through stating and specifying the problem accurately
  • How to ask the correct critical questions to gather relevant information, and know when not to leave the question until the most accurate answer is received Tools to design the path for frontline employees to grow personally & professionally