What the Titanic teaches us about IT incident post-mortems and proactive problem management

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Almost all of us know the tragic story of how the Titanic hit an iceberg on its maiden voyage, sinking in the North Atlantic Ocean, and killing more than 1500 people in the process.  When uncovering the cause(s) of this catastrophe what is revealed is a chain of over 30 events that lead to the Titanic’s fatal crossing. 

Join Shane Chagpar and David Frank as they take you through a Proactive Problem Management journey using the example of the systematic group of failures that lead the Titanic to that iceberg.  They tell this story to help you understand how service organizations can manage risk effectively and avoid business failure.


  •  to document a complex incident in a simple visual map, using this tool to:
  • Transition from reactive documentation to a visual display of the events that led to the incident
  • Identify the teams that are rapidly resolving issues as well as those in need of help
  • Focus on productive discussions (avoiding blame) for future prevention
  • Understand unique circumstances that either improved resolution time or, made it worse