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With 90% of all data in the world created in just the past 2 years, you’ll probably be surprised to hear that thinking processes generated 2,500 years ago can still help us to make sense of this explosion of information. Critical thinking through rational, unbiased analysis is still a bedrock for survival in business today. While disruption and innovation are very important (see our Future of Thinking Series parts I and II for more on these topics), modern critical thinking models are the linchpin that determines success or failure in nearly every industry and job.

If you want to learn how to focus on essential information, ignore irrelevant inputs and solve complex problems, one key will be to understand critical thinking and when to apply it.

Join Jason O'Neill, Head of Global Training Services with Kepner-Tregoe and Veena Rajkumar, Learning & Development Program Manager, Western Digital, in the third and final installment of our "Future of Thinking" series where they’ll discuss how critical thinking is more important today than ever before.


What you will learn:

  • The evolving definition and history of critical thinking 
  • How modern critical thinking models are being used by successful leaders today
  • How to become a critical thinking star at work