Webcasts of recent or past Kepner-Tregoe (KT) events give you great detail on industry specific topics and are an excellent use of your time. KT consultants cover a wide range of topics related to strategic business initiatives including operational Improvement, productivity improvement, technical support services, project management and more…

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Focused, Rapid, Fully-Documented: A Data Driven Approach to Investigations & CAPAs

Do you want to ramp up the speed and quality of investigations and CAPAs? Use a systemic approach to accelerate your response and use data more efficiently.

Jamie Weiss
Transforming Customer Service to Improve Investigations

In order to address and respond to customer complaints effectively, using a systemic approach is the most efficient- this accelerates the time needed by customer service to respond.

John Ager
CAPAs and Investigation Remediation. A fail safe approach to prepare for an agency audit.

Improve accuracy and content with tools that use data effectively to improve quality of investigations and CAPAs. The KT approach helps you set priority, troubleshoot issues, and choose preventive actions.

Michael Clauss and Michael Curran-Hayes
Thinking Correctly Under Pressure II

In a continuation of “Thinking Clearly Under Pressure”, learn more about improving Service Excellence. Effective troubleshooting involves removing distractions and understanding influences on emergency cases.

Stefan Brahmer and Andrew Vermes
Managing Projects in the Cloud

Manage a large portfolio of projects using Portfolio Manager- an online project management platform powered by KT. Benefits include learning how to define, plan and monitor the implementation of projects and improve communication.

Get your Shutdown into shape with Lean

Leverage Lean initiatives to reduce waste and improve efficiency in your shutdowns. Learn how to reduce costs and better follow the Lean principles of Flow, Pull, and Perfection.

Belinda Bright
Outpacing Manufacturing Competitors while on the Road to Recovery

CI programs may not be enough to create noticeable improvements during economic recovery. Targeted performance improvement is required to prepare organizational readiness and avoid pitfalls.

Brian Schramke
Thinking Correctly Under Pressure

Thinking clearly under pressure is required regarding Incident Management, but also anywhere effective decision making is essential for success. Learn about influencing factors that can make a difference when the pressure is on.

Stefan Brahmer and Shane Chapgar
Managing Your Root Cause Investigations

Do you want to drive investigations and keep them on track? Assess your company and make improvements with effective management- including portfolio investigations- as well as clarifying scope of analysis.

Jamie Weiss
Going for Gold: How Top Companies Make High Performance a Daily Discipline

High performance is the result of daily discipline, practice, and continual improvement. Learn eight reoccurring choices required for operational excellence, as well as the importance of continual improvement through monitoring and feedback mechanisms.

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