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Maximize Your Microsoft® Project Investment: Project Logic® Software Makes it Easy

Make managing projects easier by using Project Logic, a software overlay using MS Project tools and support that helps to define, plan and implement projects.

If Training is the Answer, What is the Question?

Training is not always the answer to organizational problems. Learn how a simple model helps to determine root causes and identify alternatives through training, business process integration, and performance management.

The Power of Visible Thinking: Hirano’s 5 S Practices and Rational Thought

Organizations can reach competitive advantage by following some simple Japanese practices. By applying Hirano’s 5S organizing concepts- sort, straighten, shine, standardize and sustain- you can maximize the utility of the work environment.

Fat Results for Lean Implementation

In order to improve results regarding lean initiatives, focus on people to solve the puzzle. Financially triangulated results that come at an Accelerated pace, and are Translatable across the organization lead to “FAT” results.

Product Lifecycle Management

The short life span of products makes it hard to keep up with rapid changes in the IT industry. Learn from actual customers how to manage product life cycle, despite unknowns in the high tech industry.

The Gold Standard in Critical Thinking Skills: Problem Solving & Decision Making

People can dictate the future using good problem solving and decision making skills. Watch case studies demonstrating improvements through management expertise and deployment of resources.

Battling the Resource Curse

Do economies with abundant resources yield less than ones that are resource-scarce? Limited resources inspire capabilities and creativity, proving that doing more with less may achieve high quality results.

Reducing Operator Error

A human performance system is critical in managing valuable assets. The ROE Performance System model provides skills that help managers analyze, improve, and align performance influences.

Service Strategy: Focus, Differentiation, Alignment

A good service strategy guides choices that determine the direction of your organization and allow it to survive and grow. Learn how to create value propositions that influence performance.

Shellina Damji and Christoph Goldenstern
Strategic thinking in a post-recessionary world

Practicing Differentiation and Implementation is the key to restoring business success after the recession. Hear about how KT can help create a clear business strategy as well as identify, prioritize, and implement initiatives to realize your strategy.

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