Webcasts of recent or past Kepner-Tregoe (KT) events give you great detail on industry specific topics and are an excellent use of your time. KT consultants cover a wide range of topics related to strategic business initiatives including operational Improvement, productivity improvement, technical support services, project management and more…

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KT Project Management Training Suite Launch

Join Kepner-Tregoe's Project Management experts, Wayne Stottler, head of KT Product Development, and Brian Schramke, a Senior Consultant, as they discuss the recent launch of the KT Project Management Training Suite.

Fight or Flight, Face the Fears of Organizational Risk

Explore the conundrum of plans gone wrong, and address a new way to approach, face and even attack risks to your organization.

"If it isn't broken, don't fix it!" 3 keys to Manufacturing Excellence without overhauling your business

How can you find measurable results? The three fundamentals for continuous improvement- building process clarity, developing your workforce to think critically, and aligning leadership- will help you discover how to increase performance

Optimize Your Decision Making Process

Good decision making plays a critical role in sustaining organizational excellence. Explore the psychology of decision making, and learn how to manage conflict while making balanced choices for better empowerment and satisfaction

Slow Down So You Can Speed Up: How Critical Thinking Drives Quality Outputs
The Fallacy of People Problems

Watch case studies to learn how to solve “people problems”. Improving human performance needs to go beyond retraining and include rewards, measures, metrics and behavior as a means for success

Jamie Weiss

Critical thinking skills such as problem solving and decision making should start early in life. See how TregoED brings these and other KT skills to K-12 school administrators, teachers, and especially students

Six Sigma and Kepner-Tregoe Tools

Improve a process and make it “visible” through functional maps and detailed metrics. In this way solutions are implemented and information can be analyzed using interrelated Six Sigma products

Engineering the Performance System in Manufacturing

While it is easy to assess the roles of manufacturing processes, people can be more of a challenge. Learn the variables that affect human performance and how a model can be used for management and assessment

Maximize Your Microsoft® Project Investment: Project Logic® Software Makes it Easy

Make managing projects easier by using Project Logic, a software overlay using MS Project tools and support that helps to define, plan and implement projects.

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