Senior Consultant | Kepner-Tregoe

As a senior consultant in the Kepner-Tregoe (KT) Research and Application Development group, Wayne Stottler works with colleagues and clients worldwide to develop solutions based on KT’s core rational processes.

Wayne is the product manager for Project Logic®, a software overlay that integrates KT’s Project Management process with best-practice use of Microsoft® Project to speed learning and improve project planning.

He is also the product manager for the PADA platform, and engaged in ongoing projects to broaden and improve all aspects of that platform, including web-based learning, the PADA Body of Knowledge (BOK) and tools to support and improve application.

Wayne joined the company in 1991, and specializes in instructional design and new product development, with expertise in electronic learning, project management, and transfer of critical thinking skills. He is certified to deliver many of KT’s programs including Project Management, Project Logic, and Problem Solving and Decision Making and has worked with a diverse group of KT clients, including American Honda Motors, Principal Financial Group and Lockheed Martin.

He holds a bachelor of science degree from Bard College, and has developed his instructional design skills through training at the University of Michigan, The Accelerated Learning Institute and Systems Thinking Workshop. He has been recognized as one of KT’s best, receiving the Basic Beliefs award five times.