Chief Executive Officer | Kepner-Tregoe

Ray Baxter was named CEO of Kepner-Tregoe, Inc., (KT) in April 2011. He was most recently KT’s chairman of the board, a position he held for the previous year-and-a-half, while serving on KT’s board for the previous five years.

Ray brings to KT a client’s perspective, mastery of the use of KT’s core methodologies, and a firm belief in the great potential of KT’s rational processes for transforming organization performance. He has extensive practice with process improvement and troubleshooting, in particular how the proper execution of these important skills saves time and money while enhancing value.

Prior to his positions with KT, Ray spent 34 years in the food processing industry, including 22 years as CEO of Interbake Foods LLC. Interbake is a $300 million baked goods manufacturing division of the $30 billion Canadian public company, George Weston Limited. He retired from Interbake in April 2009.

While CEO of Interbake, Ray became a KT Program Leader, directing training of more than 500 employees in KT’s rational process methodologies over a three-year period, while installing the infrastructure to reinforce and support the continuous use of the rational process throughout the organization. This initiative, coupled with the implementation of statistical process controls (SPC) and enterprise resource planning (ERP), significantly raised Interbake’s performance capabilities.

Prior to Interbake, Ray held operations positions with Frito Lay and Castle & Cooke, and he was an officer in the U.S. Air Force. He holds an MBA degree from Harvard’s Graduate School of Business and BA and MA degrees from the University of Michigan.