Kepner-Tregoe (KT) technical support improvement white papers provide insights into strategic approaches and best practices for IT service and support. Improving technical support quality can provide the best support organizations with a real competitive advantage. Kepner-Tregoe IT consulting has worked with the leading support organizations on a global basis. The technical support improvement white papers are grounded in our experiences working with IT service clients and helping them address mounting challenges related to troubleshooting, costs, speed, conflicting technologies, client demands, and much more.

These technical support improvement whitepapers explore IT service and support challenges in a global environment of increasingly complex problems and demanding customers. Kepner-Tregoe consulting and training programs help support organizations improve troubleshooting, resulting in dramatic advances against key metrics including customer satisfaction, time-to-close, cost, backlog, and much more. The structured Kepner-Tregoe approach to troubleshooting and root cause analysis offers a critical thinking approach to IT support that is not linked to a particular technology. The focused question-based process and the strategic approach to improving the customer experience is used by many of the leading, global support organizations.

For additional information about Kepner-Tregoe IT service consulting or to learn about our successful service desk or incident management programs, contact KT.

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How Financial Services Firms Are Eliminating Tech Debt

Adding a host of slick new technology features give financial institutions leverage to retain and acquire new customers. This race to be the first to add new technology has IT staff committed to daily firefighting just to keep their systems up and running with little hope of handling the mounting quantity of problems that continue to threaten their organizations.  

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Put an end to firefighting with Proactive Problem Management

The problems that give your organization the greatest aggravation are likely to be the incidents that recur again and again. These are sticky and difficult to fix long term. If your team had the ability to visualize the causal chain of these events and had a consistent vocabulary to with, they'd have the access to resolve them for good.

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Achieving Service Excellence in Major Incident Management

Great incident management can provide the opportunity for continuous improvement and greater IT stability. Poor incident management, however, can lead to lasting damage to a company’s productivity, reputation, and financial performance.

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The New World: What do Agile and DevOps mean for ITSM and ITIL

The fact is that today every company is a tech company. This is causing an broad new consensus for how teams manage technology. Cloud, Agile, DevOps and Lean Product Management have become the foundations of the new digital operating model.

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Lurking Latent Crocodiles

IT support organizations with a large backlog of problems, watch out! Using survival at the waterhole in this cautionary tale, the author explains that when many, known, undiagnosed problems are lurking and latent—not affecting production yet—huge problems follow.

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ITIL: New Global Service Standard?

IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) helps a growing number of organizations worldwide to manage IT service. This article provides an introduction to ITIL processes, approaches, certification and implementation.

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Challenging the Incident Management Culture

While Incident Management seems to be the best approach to our ever-changing IT environment, the author demonstrates the value of addressing problems at the source. In this case study, an organization focused on Problem Management to dramatically reduce IT costs and regain first place in the market.

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KT-Interview-November-VitAL_The Gold Standard

An interview with VitAL columnist and KT global application manager, Steve White provides a brief overview of KT, its history and its success at helping IT service and support organizations improve operational excellence.

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On the Edge and In Control

This article discusses the weaknesses of support functions from the mission-critical support function perspective, and presents a scalable resolution process that can be applied to any product, platform and technology.

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