Process improvement white papers describe the success of Kepner-Tregoe approaches to using analytics and data to achieve measurable and sustainable improvements. Asset optimization, unit cost reduction, regulatory compliance, quality improvement, safety or project execution are among the targeted results achieved. In process improvement consulting, Kepner-Tregoe partners with client teams to plan, execute, then deliver sustainable results that also support continuous improvement. Optimizing asset performance, quality, planned outages or any business process can deliver rapid cost savings that improve the bottom line, now and for years to come. The process improvement white papers also demonstrate how Six Sigma and Lean initiatives are complemented and enhanced by Kepner-Tregoe’s continuous improvement methodology.

These process improvement white papers offer several examples of how Kepner-Tregoe process improvement consulting and training supports the path to manufacturing excellence. Six Sigma, Lean or other initiatives benefit from speed and accuracy of Kepner-Tregoe problem analysis and for the superior results of Kepner-Tregoe decision making process. Johnson Controls describes their “three-pronged continuous improvement” as Six Sigma, Lean, Kepner-Tregoe. The path to manufacturing excellence is accelerated by the sustainable process improvement capabilities delivered by Kepner-Tregoe consulting and training programs.

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Driving Zero Harm with Efficiency Improvements in Contractor Management

In this mining industry case study, KT’s robust project management and issue resolution tools were integrated into daily contractor management practices to ensure safety and efficiency on site.

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Driving Results Through Process Improvement

Think of business processes as a set of bridges, which span the gaps between vision and action. This article explores the organizational value of business process improvement (BPI) and makes the case for working with Kepner-Tregoe to take a structured approach BPI to achieve specific, enduring results.

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11 Barriers to Manufacturing Excellence

Manufacturers cannot rely on the security of high volume. To achieve the highest quality and service at lower costs requires overcoming these 11 barriers.

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